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jvmBasic is a BASIC compiler which emits Java bytecode.  jvmBasic includes an implementation of the BASIC RTL, and a simple web server which uses BASIC as a scriptlet language.

ANTLR4 Grammers

To date, I've written 4 grammars for ANTLR4 which have been accepted in to the grammars source tree


I wrote an open source Java web framework focussed on modularity and easy of configuration.  You can read about Pragmatach here, or visit the web page.


I've made a number of contributions to Crochet-BSD, including writing the support for Soekris and Wandboard.  I was also briefly involved with FreeBSD-arm-tools.


I was a contributor to OMF (Object Manager Framework), a ORM layer written on top of the JCR.  In particular, I wrote the contribs.


As part of the effort to write an ANTLR4 grammar for HTML, I needed a test suite to test the grammar against arbitrary HTML-esque input.  This resulted in me writing HTMLParser.

My Open Hub profile is here.

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