FreeBSD on AWS with Ansible

I often have a need for a fresh FreeBSD install, to host a server, or perhaps just experiment with. My usual solution is FreeBSD jails. However, I've recently gotten interested in Ansible and AWS.

There are quite a few advantages to installing infra with AWS, however the one I'm most interested in is automating the simple stuff and getting it right the first time. For example, remembering to:

  • Add the service accounts
  • Ensure that all files are added by the right accounts
  • Add startup and shutdown scripts
  • Configure pf
  • Ensure logging is "just right"

AWS also has the notable advantage that with VPC, I can configure not only the OS and applications, but build infra.

With the help of these two pages (1,2) I've been able to provision a simple FreeBSD-12 host, in a VPC. Code is here.

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